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Diets and Nutritional Advice
At Victory Animal Hospital we advise you to come talk to our doctors to get the best possible nutritional advise for your animal. Often this is the difference between managing chronic diseases and being able to live a good quality of life for your pet, or slowly deteriorating.

Not only do we work with the well-recognised veterinary nutritional companies Hills and Royal Canin - two companies who have decades of research and investment into animal nutrition and health and who constantly strive to increase the standards on food and nutrition for pets worldwide, we also can help you devise a balanced and complete diet for your pet if you wish to do home cooked nutrition. 

Nutrition is a crucial part of ensuring good health of your animal  and in treatment of disease, particularly chronic disease. Unfortunately there are many "professional" opinions given by uneducated people or people who falsely misinform others about their qualifications, and this is a particular hazard in Hong Kong where there is more than one company that advertises that it works with veterinarians, but can provide no evidence of this, or evidence of veterinary nutritional studies and education. As a result there is many false information and rumours on the internet and in chat rooms.

Below are the links to Hills and Royal Canin websites so that you as a pet owner can research what they do to create the premium veterinary diets.


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