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CT and MRI Imaging

MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging and CT or Computed Tomography are important diagnostic tools in use in many clinics nowadays. They allow improved imaging of certain areas such as the brain, spine, nasal passages and chest and help to provide a 3D image for surgical planning if required.  Their use is of critical importance in spinal surgery and in doing searches for cancer spread and therefore is an important part in providing high quality services to you and your pet.

Victory Animal Hospital has full access to a facility with state of the art CT and MRI and regularly provide this service to our clients. Our Vets and Nurses are trained to monitor and support your pet whilst doing either of these procedures. All reports are done by specialist veterinary radiologists  within  24 hours, although our surgeons will often provide a "first opinion" read of the results immediately to the owners.

CT Image of Splenic Metastatic Cancer