Our Services Parasite Control - Flea Tick and Worm Control
Parasite Prevention 

Parasites are not just a problem for your pets, they are also a health risk for people! Responsible parasite treatment therefore helps prevent and control these risk for both your pet and your family. There are many treatments available and it may be difficult to decide on the right prevention for your animal. Things such as breed, age, convenience and practicality all play a role in making this decision. Our Staff are trained to answer these questions and provide knowledgeable answers as to which preventions are necessary and correct for your pet as an individual.

In addition to providing prevention and treatment when necessary, Victory Animal Hospital will do testing for parasites if indicated. Tests that can be done include Heartworm and Lungworm testing, Microscopic faecal smear and faecal flotations, and faecal PCR tests whish tests for the presence of the DNA of parasites. Not all tests are necessary and again advise will be given on case by case to tailor make this for you.