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Vaccinations are an important part in keeping your dog safe and healthy, especially in Hong Kong where infectious diseases are common. Vaccination is very safe and side effects are extremely rare. One of the most important things you can do to give your dog a long and healthy life is to ensure that he or she is vaccinated against common canine diseases. Puppies get immunity from disease for the first few weeks of life from their mother’s milk. After that period it's up to you, with the help and advice of your veterinarian, to provide that protection.  


Vaccines work by administering tiny quantities of  "killed" viruses, bacteria or other disease-causing organisms to your pet. When administered, these altered antigens stimulate your dog's immune system to produce antibodies to protect against disease in the future. There are a number of different vaccinations for dogs. Different pets have different vaccination requirements, and not all vaccinations are required for all animals - your veterinarian will help you decide what’s best for you pet.

At Victory Animal Hospital we follow the latest recommendation in vaccination protocols as described and recommended by WHO for the Asia-Pacific region.

DHPPiL or 6 in 1 Vaccinations


For puppies under 16 weeks of life vaccinations are started at 8-9 weeks of age and 3 vaccinations are given every 3-4 weeks. For puppies over 16 weeks of life or adults dogs with no history of vaccination, two (2) vaccinations 3-4 weeks apart are administered. All young dogs are given a reactivation booster one year later and then not more often than every 3 years.




This disease is prevalent in Hong Kong and infection results in often fatal damage to the kidneys and liver. As Hong Kong is a high risk area  it is recommended to repeat this vaccination yearly particularly in dogs that go outdoors.


Rabies Vaccinations


Rabies vaccination is required by law for all dogs in Hong Kong.
By government regulation, it must be given to puppies before they are 5 months of age, and then given again every 3 years. A microchip and dog license is also issued for your dog at the time of rabies vaccination.
If your dog is travelling overseas there may be other rabies vaccination requirements, please contact us for further information.


Proheart Vaccinations


Proheart is an annual preventative injection for Heartworm Disease, an infection spread by mosquitos. This disease is therefore common all over Hong Kong and indoor dogs can get this disease just as easily. 


Canine Tracheobronchitis (Kennel Cough)


Just as with the human common cold, this respiratory-tract infection is easily transmitted from one dog to another. Important if your pet will come in contact with many other dogs in such situations as obedience training or boarding at a kennel. Caused by various airborne bacteria and viruses, including Canine Parainfluenza virus, Canine Adenovirus Type II and Bordetella Bronchiseptica