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Consultations & Health Assessments

We believe that every animal that we see requires a thorough examination. Regular examinations are an integral part of your pet health care. We recommend, regardless of whether doing a vaccination or not, that all pets undergo a complete examination at least once a year! More serious conditions like heart failure or chronic kidney failure should of course be seen more frequently as advised by your veterinarian.

A complete exam helps us detect and therefore treat medical problems early on before they become more severe, affect the health of the animal, cause a deterioration in your pets overall quality of life and become more expensive to treat and manage.

If necessary, we will recommend further diagnostic tests either through blood tests or modalities like radiographs or ultrasounds. The information we obtain during an exam also helps us establish your pet's baseline level of health that we will record and be able to compare to in future visits. Examinations are also a great time for you to discuss any queries you may have concerning your pets health, diet, behaviour and training. 

The most important part of your visit to a veterinarian is the history you can give and the examination that is undertaken. All of the high-tech tests that can be carried out are always guided by this first consultation.

Just as more and more people are getting proactive about their own healthcare, so it is with pets. We offer the following life stage health check-ups for your pet.

Puppy/ Kitten Health Checks

These serve to make sure the new member of your family gets off to the best start possible we offer vaccinations, worming, training and behavioural advice, advice on feeding and diets  de-sexing and advice on any early medical or congenital conditions.

Annual Health Checks

We recommend your pet visit the vet at least once every year to help maintain his or her health and prevent future problems if possible.

Geriatric Health Checks 

Just like humans, pets are more prone to medical  and surgical problems as they age. There are many common conditions that we see in our older animals such as diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis, liver failure and heart problems. These conditions can often be diagnosed with a blood and urine test. We recommend a full health check up every six months plus blood and urine tests to enable your pet to enjoy a longer and healthier life.