Our Services Soft Tissue surgery

Victory Animal Hospital provides an exhaustive and complete range of surgical options for all types of surgery. We have two separate, fully equipped surgical suites that enable us to separate "Clean" surgery - such as neutering, intra-abdominal and intrathoracic surgery; and "Dirty" surgery  - such as abscesses, bladder surgery and dental procedures.

There are too many surgery options to list them all but below is a summary of some of these procedures.

Thoracic Surgery

Intra-thoracic surgery, due to its nature, results in a more complicated anaesthesia and requires that we "breathe" for the pet. Victory Animal Hospital has positive-pressure ventilation to assist with this as well as a full anaesthetic monitoring suite to ensure the highest levels of safety and the best possible outcomes for your pet.

Some Thoracic Procedures that are performed include :- 
    Lung Lobe Biopsy
    Lung Lobectomies 
    Pericardial surgery
    Cancer Resection
    Thoracic Lavage and Drainage
    PDA Closure 

Drain in chest after Lung removal

Abdominal Surgery

As the abdomen contains many different organs the range of surgical options is also very large. The surgeons at Victory Animal Hospital continuously endeavour to learn and provide the latest and most advanced procedures so that your pet may get the best possible care.

 A few of the procedures that we do include :                              
    Liver Lobectomies and biopsies
    Gallbladder removal
    Kidney SUB Placement and Ureteral Stent placement
    Bladder stone removal and cancer resection
    Intestinal Enterectomy and Enterotomy
SUB Placement in cat

Oncological, Neutering and Other Procedures

Victory Animal Hospital has extensive experience in providing many more procedures including Cancer resections, Skin Flaps and Wound Repair, Castration and Spay, Total Ear Canal Ablations and many, many more. The doctors will help to discuss your pets problems and the options available to enable your pet to live its life to the fullest!