Our Services Hospitalization


In many cases animals will have to be hospitalized for surgery and procedures, but also for treatments of many different types on conditions, such as renal failure or chemotherapy.


We offer a quiet, warm and a stress-free hospital environment for our patients. Dogs and cats have separate ward facilities on different floors to allow cats to be even less stressed. In addition, we have cages equipped with oxygen to help respiratory cases. 


IV fluids can be administered through infusion pumps to ensure patient safety and treatment. Our hospital patients are continuously monitored by our  staff to ensure premium care.  Our staff will spend time encouraging our patients to eat, cleaning them and giving them the attention they need while they are away from home.




In addition to standard hospitalization, Victory Animal Hospital also has a separate Isolation ward so that animals with infectious and contagious disease can be safely kept and prevent other patients form being compromised. When these patients are hospitalized, we will adopt strict isolations policies to prevent disease from spreading – and once patients are discharged - undergo recommended cleaning procedures to ensure that this ward is safe to use once more.

24 Hours and Intensive Care Monitoring 

Although Victory Animal Hospital does not provide 24 hour veterinary consultation and emergency consultation, it DOES provide for 24 Hours Monitoring and Intensive Care. There are always fully trained veterinary nursing staff at the Hospital to monitor and care for your animals. In addition the veterinarians are always contactable by the nursing staff in case of any questions or emergency to help provide for better quality of care. 

For all cases that require 24 hour veterinary care, such as cardiac or respiratory cases, Victory Animal Hospital works closely with East Island Animal Hospital to refer these patients for overnight care and then receive them back the following day to continue to treat your animals to the highest standards possible. If you choose to go to another 24 hour facility, we will endeavour to work with that hospital to provide the same level of care and communication.