Clinic Specialities Opthalmology - Dr. Antony Goodhead and Dr. Izak Venter
Victory Animal Hospital is continuosly looking to improve the standards within our Hospital as well as increase the surgical treatments and options for all our clients and patients. To this extent we bring in specialists both to teach us and also to consult with our clients and to do complicted and specialist surgical procedures.

Dr. Antony Goodhead

Antony Goodhead was schooled in the Durban area and completed a BSc Agriculture degree at the University of Natal. Following this, he went to the Onderstepoort Veterinary Faculty at Pretoria University, where he completed his BVSc degree as well as the Masters degree in ophthalmology. Antony has had the opportunity to live and work in the UK and to regularly attend veterinary congresses in the Europe and USA. Antony holds his Certificate in Veterinary Ophthalmology from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

He is married and has two young daughters. He enjoys good quality family time and outdoor activities such as camping with his family. Amongst the many animals they have at home, he also breeds Norfolk terriers.

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Dr. Izak Venter

Izak matriculated in Bloemfontein and then went to Onderstepoort where he completed his BVSc degree in 1990. He developed a special interest in ophthalmology and obtained his Masters degree in ophthalmology in 1994. Izak keeps abreast of the latest developments in ophthalmology and attends veterinary ophthalmology congresses in the USA and the Europe. Izak is married and has a daughter and son. He enjoys fly fishing, hiking and 4X4 trails. Izak's own pets include a cat and two snakes.

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